Why Bakar Will Always Be a Part of Ramadan That I’ll Forever Miss

There’s no doubt that younger generations, do not resemble their former counterparts in any way imaginable.Kids nowadays own the latest smart phones, wear designer brands and hang out in the “it” spots.


The difference can also be spotted in the things they watch. We — by we, I’m referring to an actual ’90s kid — found joy in watching Sabeq w Laheq, while they watch The Fast and the Furious, our idol perhaps was Captain Maged, while theirs is Christiano Ronaldo. Ramadan, for us, was watching Bakar’s new adventures, while they can’t wait for Ramez Galal’s prank shows.



Being a ’90s kid, I truly enjoyed watching Bakar. I memorized the intro song by heart, and — to this very day — whenever I spot the show anywhere, I just have to stop whatever I’m doing to watch it.


The plot revolved around Bakar’s adventures and his attempts to defeat Mashrat (the villain), alongside his pet goat Rashida, and his best friend Hassouna.


Bakar made me -low key- feel familiar with Upper Egypt’s culture. Until this very day, whenever I think of Luxor or Aswan, pictures of bright smiles and kind eyes pop into my head because of Bakar.



Bakar taught me so much about the pharaohs, our Egyptian culture, our traditions, and most importantly, ourselves. Bakar made me confident and comfortable in my own skin. I wholeheartedly  wish kids nowadays can get acquainted with shows that convey such messages.



WE SAID THIS: We believe that the things we watch in our early years shape who we grow up to be, and for us, Bakar was not just a cartoon that aired on national TV, it represented so many principles that we grew to appreciate and respect.