Bad Romance: 8 Signs That Your Relationship is Dying

Sometimes in romantic relationships, people just feel that something is wrong. Quite often, they can’t say what exactly is wrong, because everything seems fine, but living with this sense of upcoming disaster is very hard and painful. If you have found ourselves among one of those people and also have a sense of upcoming disaster, then you have come to the right place. Today we want to share the top 8 the most obvious signs that your romantic relationship is dying.

1. You feel offended

How often does your partner offend you while you calmly receive this offense and never say anything in return? If you believe that in this way you will save your relationship, then you are terribly wrong. By doing this, you only delay the painful moment of your breakup. So, why pay with your pain to delay another, more severe pain?

2. Your partner doesn’t respect you

If you and your partner have reached the point where you show mutual disrespect, it’s time to deal with your illusions. There is nothing easier than to stop being attached to someone who shows disrespect to you. People can continue to live together without respect and awareness of each other’s values, but this is no way to maintain healthy romantic relationships.

3. Your partner doesn’t support you

No matter when he or she stopped supporting you, in healthy relationships, partners support each other even after or during serious arguments. Because they clearly see the difference between internal arguments that will pass and external factors that may be very hard to overcome alone. If you feel that your partner has become cold, and there is nothing you can do about it, then it’s better to leave this person once and for all.

4. You both lie to each other often

I’m talking about that lie when you say to a person “I love you” without actually meaning it. I see that you don’t want to morally hurt your partner. Unfortunately, by doing this, you are not protecting him or her, but you are only doing worse. Sooner or later, you will have to reveal the truth. Furthermore, if you say to yourself, “We are happy, I am happy, everything is fine between us,” when you feel that everything has already ended for you, it’s also an escape from reality.

5. You don’t trust each other

Two people in love simply can’t be happy if they don’t trust each other. Trust is the most important part of any relationship after love. If love is what makes us want to be together, then trust is the glue that holds us as one with our partners. Without mutual trust, your love will inevitably disappear.

6. You often find yourselves loudly swearing in public

According to sociologists, happy couples always tend to expose everything good in their relationships and hide everything bad. For example, Belarus women believe that it is not acceptable at all to loudly swear in public with romantic partners. Consequently, if you and your partner often find yourselves loudly swearing in public, it may mean that you both are subconsciously searching for a reason to break up.

7. You enjoy loneliness

Don’t get us wrong here, it is normal to sometimes want to be alone. But it is far from normal if you intentionally seek loneliness and feel much better when your partner is absent. This is a clear sign that you have no emotional connection with your partner. Consequently, it is better to end your relationship as soon as possible. Otherwise, the situation will get worse.

8. Your partner publicly humiliates you

Sad but true, if your partner has humiliated you publicly, there is a very big risk that he or she will do it again. Needless to say that you can’t trust this person, and there is no point in searching for an explanation of why he or she did this to you. Run.

WE SAID THIS: Sometimes it’s better to just walk away.