Aziz Maraka Makes His Debut Performance In Qatar On May 19

For the first time, Jordanian composer Aziz Maraka known for hits like “Ahla Wadha” is hitting up Qatar for a special debut performance set to take place on May 19. Adding a touch of luxury to his performance, the singer is set to perform at one of Qatar’s most extravagant hotels, Mondrian Doha. Walking through the hotel is a treat in and of itself as it boasts a blended design of 1001 Nights mixed with a touch of modernity.

Beyond Qatar, Maraka has been gracing us with several performances across Cairo including his most recent concert held in February at El Sawy Culture Wheel. He even wowed the crowd at his first-ever customized concert dubbed the Red Bull Jukebox at Jordan’s Amman.

To catch the star as he belts out some of our favorite songs including “Mafi Mennik”, you can get tickets through the Doha Gossip official website.

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