And the Award for Hottest Mama on Earth Goes to Mrs. Keepa

So this just happened on Instagram and we’re kind of freaking out. Fashion designer and blogger, Mrs. Keepa, have been turning heads with her hot as hell posts, her wicked style and that gorgeous face. We kind of thought that’s as good as it gets, but then she decided to post this photo of her on Instagram with her just-born baby looking like a freakin’ model.


OH MY GOD! What, how and when? This photo defies the laws of nature, physics and biology. Mommies everywhere are panicking. Is this even possible? This is so damn hot. It’s the epitome of #mommygoals. Trust us she’s been on our mommy radar for a couple of years now with her cute little daughter, but this is a whole new level of wow. Ladies, it’s time to step up our baby selfie games.


Our little Man made us a great surprise and joined us this morning , perfectly healthy el 7mdl ?

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WE SAID THIS: Congratulations Mrs. Keepa.