Attending a World-Class​ Conference Does Not Require Travel Anymore!

GTTDUN is a Strategic and marketing consulting firm, it was founded back in 2017. The enthusiastic innovators who work at the firm are very passionate about remodelling businesses and growing their potential. The firm’s consulting founders have been thinking about the actual drivers for professional development, therefore they started creating even greater opportunities in the job market for both employers and young professionals. 

The biggest challenge has been learning and gaining diverse experiences. Heba Assem The Initiative Founder and Chief Strategy Officer said, “We have been lucky to have started in companies where special care was given for employee development and succession planning, yet what we see now is that the gap between what youth learning at the university and the job market is widening and that is creating a big challenge on both employer and job seekers’ side….Youth are hungry for relevance! But the point is that professionals now are unable to find out the difference between real deal learning opportunities from the fake ones. There are lots of internet ads announcing learning opportunities and it is very rare that big experts do that, so our young professionals fall for the trap and they take what is available as they do not have an alternative otherwise they have to sign up for an extremely expensive trip abroad,” Samar the cofounder continued. 

The firm has been working on several projects for the past two years and it was obvious that there was a gap between the problems startups are facing and the opportunities available in the market for them. Also, there was a clear need for sustainable learning platform and assigning knowledge among those entities. 

So, GTTDUN’s solution was to contact global experts and to explore different opportunities in order to have them deliver the same level of learning for young professionals, and most importantly for an affordable budget to both young professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs. That’s exactly how Growth formula convention came about! 

The idea behind the Growth Formula Convention was to present the young professionals to the world of modern business and to the economics of 2030 global vision that is actually all about allowing the opportunity to get there before it gets to us. It also allows students as well as young professionals to undertake workshops in modern business fields such as; Marketing, Branding, Tech trends, Financial Solutions, Investment, Fund, Executive Management, Legal Challenges of starting a new business and so much more! 

The first round of the Growth Formula Convention will take place on the 8th and 9th of November, 2019 at the Greek Campus in Cairo. The conference will be delivered in sign language as well to support inclusive learning. Tickets are very affordable with lots of discounts. It starts at EGP120 for students and EGP300 for standard attendees. Hurry and get your tickets now! 

WE SAID THIS: To book your ticket please click here!

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