Opening a Restaurant? Here’s Your Equipment Checklist

Everywhere around the world, the restaurant business thrives. One can never have too many options for delicious meals! Many people would like to have a slice of this lucrative cake. Are you prepared to be a part of this sector of the hospitality industry?

Foodies love restaurants that are well equipped for that delicious meal. Whether your restaurant is a fast food joint or a high-end outlet, you must be prepared. What you will require will depend on the kind of food you will be serving. It requires a lot of thinking since you wouldn’t want to miss out on what you need or buy what you don’t.

Here’s an equipment checklist that can help you figure out what your restaurant needs.

Kitchen equipment

Kitchen appliances are the main organs of your restaurant.

Refrigerator & freezer

A refrigerator will ensure your ingredients stay clean and fresh for a long time. The size of the refrigerator will depend on the capacity of your restaurant. For big restaurants, you can try getting a walk-in cooler as it can hold more items. If your restaurant is small, go for a reach-in commercial grade fridge.

A freezer can keep your ingredients fresh for a longer period of time. For example, an item might be seasonal. To make it available all year round, you might put it in the freezer. This again requires figuring out how much content the freezer will hold. Sometimes a small chest freezer is enough, especially if you don’t want to store food for long periods of time. After all, using fresh ingredients can help your restaurant thrive.

Kitchen range

A kitchen range is a must for a restaurant as it will have both your stove and oven. Instead of spending money on the two separately, most restaurants prefer buying or leasing a range.

Whether you will choose gas or electric depends on what works for you. Talk it over with your chef, and they can tell you what they prefer.

Sinks & dishwasher

Commercial grade sinks are required in most restaurants. Restaurant hygiene inspectors urge restaurants to own a wash station that has separate sinks for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing.

Commercial dishwashers can hold way more dishes than our regular home dishwashers. A leasing contract for industrial washer usually comes with benefits like maintenance, etc.

Small appliances

Food processors can halve your preparation time. There are many different types of food processors. Hence you have to find one that will work for the dishes you want to prepare. 

Many food processors do slicing, blending, and grinding. Leasing a commercial-grade food processor that completes the functions required will cut your cost.

Kitchen utensils

Knives are a chef’s pride. Owning a good set of knives is a must for any restaurant as each knife serves a different purpose.

Depending on the capacity of the restaurant, you must own kitchen utensils like pots, pans, jars, cutlery, etc. Discuss it with the chef and figure out what you need and how many are needed.

Counters & racks

You will need surfaces to prepare your dishes. The clever thing to do is opting for stainless steel surfaces as they are more enduring and easier to clean. You will find that various sizes are available for leasing and you can choose according to your requirements. You will need racks to keep your utensils & dry ingredients. Try going for stainless steel for that as well.

Outside of kitchen requirements

These are things you will need outside of the kitchen area.

Maître’d podium

Maître’d podium is where the guests will be greeted and received. Your presentation has to be welcoming and a symbol of hospitality. You can buy this podium in style with your theme. This podium should have space for your Maître’d to keep the menu and reservation book.

Booths, tables, & chairs

A restaurant needs to appear welcoming. The furniture you will buy depends on your theme. Whether to go for booths or tables or a mixture of both depends on what your vision is for your theme of hospitality.

Choose furniture that goes with your restaurant concept. Wood tables for restaurants are widely popular as they give the restaurant a rustic warmth.

Tableware, linens, & decorations

In the hospitality sector, the visual is as important as the functions. Guests need to be happy with the presentation of your restaurant, from food to furniture. Having a theme that you will promote will make your restaurant memorable to guests. Hence, the decorations must follow your concept.

Buying linens to match your color concept is a must. From the tablecloths and napkins to your waiters’ aprons, everything must go with your theme. The way the table is set should be visually pleasing. Buy tableware that is comfortable to use while being attractive to the eyes.


Many restaurants serve alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages and often have a bar. A bar is an important place because it is often where people wait until they are led to their table.

Buy a bar counter that appeals to the guests, it will require its own set of utensils and equipment, including glasses, mixers, and blenders. You will need to buy an ice maker.

Other electric systems

A Point of Purchase system is needed to keep your transactions in check. It allows your servers to take orders and customers to make payments. It will also keep track of your transactions and track your inventory. Leasing one can help you get updates for the system.

Install a time and attendance system to keep track of your employees, especially if your restaurant is big.

Install a security system, including CCTV cameras, to keep your restaurant safe and under watch. It is better to be safe as you never know when there might be trouble. Try installing a call for help switch near the PoP system or the Maître’d podium.


Keeping up with the current hospitality market is challenging. As long as you stay on top of your game, you can enjoy the fruits of a successful restaurant business. Keep your restaurant well equipped and updated. Earning the goodwill of your customers will help spread the word.

WE SAID THIS: Now that you know the requirements, you can create the basis of a successful restaurant.

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