Arabs in Comics: Here are 10 Superheroes of Middle Eastern Origin

Everyone knows Batman, Ironman, Supergirl, The Hulk, and Spiderman. All those characters have been in blockbuster movies that you’ve probably seen or know of. What you might not know about, though, is that there are also Arab superheroes. We don’t mean Middle Eastern-made superheroes, we mean Marvel and DC superheroes. There are a lot of Arabs represented in DC Comics and Marvel Comics, and we got some for you. Here are 10 Arabs In Comics!

Green Lantern

The Lebanese-American superhero is called Simon Baz. He is a mechanic and simultaneously a car thief. Being a Muslim and Arab, he faced discrimination after the events of 9/11. Held in jail for stealing a car filled with explosives, the Green Lantern ring found him and chose him to be the holder of the ring. From there on, he started using his acquired powers for good, which include: Emerald Sight, which helps him see the near future, and he has a willpower of steel. He’s extremely skilled in combat, using firearms, and has mechanical engineering expertise.

Iron Butterfly

Iron Butterfly’s real name is Kahina Eskandari. She’s a Palestinian woman whose family got murdered. Seeking to avenge them, she joined the Shadow Cabinet team. The origins of her superpowers are unclear; she said that she has undergone experimentation that gave her superpowers. Her powers include ferrokinesis, which is the ability to bend metal with her mind. She can also fly at speeds more than 250 mph, as well as blast strong green energy. Iron Butterfly is also an expert in swordsmanship and tactical analysis.


Adriana Tomaz, also known as Isis, is an Egyptian woman who was a slave. She gained the trust of Black Adam and he gave her the powers of the Amulet of Isis. When she transforms from Adriana to Isis, she possesses the powers of nature, superhuman strength, durability, agility, reflexes. She can also fly, heal fast, and control some parts of nature such as the weather, wind, agriculture. Isis also has the powers of telekinesis.


The Moroccan superhero is a mutant, which means he was born having superpowers. His real name is Haroum Ibn Sallah Al-Rashid. His superpower is that he generates thermo-chemical energy from his skin, which he can only release from beneath him, giving him the ability to take off the ground. Moreover, one time his body caught on fire as he flew. To help him, a group of people called the Hellfire Club turned his body into a cyborg. To repay them, he dedicated his life and loyalty to them, fighting by their side.


Hawkman’s real name is Carter Hall, who is an archaeologist. After reincarnating many times, the reincarnated soul of Egyptian prince Khufu Kha-Taa came back as Carter Hall. On recalling his first life’s memories, he decided to channel his powers and be Hawkman. His superpowers include the ability to bless objects, breathe underwater, and reincarnate. Furthermore, he is highly skilled in using weapons, tactical analysis, and leadership. Hawkman is also a very smart man who’s into science and technology!

Doctor Fate

Before he became Doctor Fate, he was an ordinary Egyptian-American man called Khalid Nassour. While on drugs, he accidentally came across the Helmet of Fate. The Helmet started talking to him, and he thought he was tripping on drugs. After that, he suddenly finds that he has superpowers, and he was led back to the helmet. When he wears it, he accesses a world of magic. His powers include the usage of magic, flight, dimensional travel. He also has psychokinesis, which is the ability to vocalize orders that people or objects obey blindly. Also, he has photokinesis, which is the ability to blast blinding lights. He is extremely skilled as well in combat and medical science.


M’s real name is Monet St. Croix. She is Algerian, French and has four more citizenships. A born mutant, she was also a Muslim member of the X-men. Additionally, she has a wide variety of superpowers, making her perfect. M has super strength, speed, reflexes, senses, healing, and intuitive abilities. Her abilities include telepathy, telekinesis, intelligence, and combat skills.


His real name is Bilal Asselah. He’s a French-Algerian Muslim. While living in Paris, he has faced racism, discrimination, religious bias. After the murder of his best friend, he swore to dedicate his life to bringing justice to the world. He trained in parkour and combat and became the Nightrunner. Nightrunner is a masked vigilante whose role model is Batman. He is extremely trained, and his powers include acrobatics and hand to hand combat.

Arabian Knight

The Palestinian superhero’s real name is Navid Hashim. Known as Arabian Knight, he is the descendant of a legendary Muslim superhero who fights demons. He has normal strength, but he does have a powerful sword that emits beams of magical energy. He controls the sword by his willpower, and only he can use it. Arabian Knight is extremely skilled in fighting and has high durability.


Amulet’s real name is Fadi Fadlallah. He is Iraqi-American, and he inherited his family’s mission to destroy all cursed items of the Army of the Devil. He operates in the name of Amulet. Amulet has a powerful magic shield called Nazar that is fueled by love and draws energy from people around it. He uses it to defend himself and to attack as well!

Did you know that there are all those Arab superheroes out there? There’s probably more!

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