Why Arab Women Enjoy Their 30s Way More Than Their 20s

I am turning 34 in a couple of days and honestly, I stopped panicking near my birthday after I hit the big Three-Zero because age is just a number and I can be a child for as long as I damn wish. Yet this year, I feel a little bit closer to 35, which feels like months away from 40, so the hilarious panic attacks, complaining to everyone in the street, insomnia and thinking about all the what-ifs are coming back in full mode. That is until I remembered all the reasons my 20s are not even half as good as my 30s.

These are all the reasons why 30 is the real time for you to unleash your inner goddess:



Your indifference to gossip and haters



What once used to drive you insane, left you walking on your tip toes, always careful about how you talk and behave, fearing that day people will tarnish your image, now sounds like a joke. In your 20s, it stings as hell when someone says something bad about you, at least when you first experience it.

In your 30s, you are more mature, your confidence is booming and you simply stop giving a hell what anyone says about you. You finally realize it reflects mainly on them.



You understand where your mother is coming from



You are a free spirit in your 20s who wants to experience everything, fall in love, have your heart broken, travel alone, quit college and your parents sometimes hold you down. You feel angry and bitter. By the time you are 30, your perspective is different, your wildness is tamed and your logic makes more sense. Finally, you understand what your mom meant by, “You need good grades and to finish school if you want an independent future”.



Your ego transforms into beautiful confidence


I know countless, down-to-earth 20-year-old women whose ego is just fine, but from my personal experience, my ego was a self-defense mechanism that helped me protect myself from getting hurt. For others, ego and a stuck-up attitude makes them feel important and entitled like a queen B.

In your 30s, you realize that looking down on people is not impressing anyone and it doesn’t mean you’re a superior breed, no matter what you say or wear. You fine tune your ego to beautiful moderate confidence.



You know who your real friends are


It’s easy to get lost in the many faces you meet when you’re young and get deluded by fake relationships that only last as long as you are fun.



You stop taking things for granted



Many consider the 20s the reckless decade. You think friendships last, you are the bionic woman who never gets sick, your family will always be there and grades don’t matter. With years, you start appreciating life and the small things you always took for granted, thinking they are everlasting.



You stop forcing yourself to have fun


You do what you want, whenever and wherever you feel like it. Just because all of your friends are going to a party, it doesn’t mean you are missing out on some huge event. Sometimes, it feels like you are forcing yourself to meet new people. The 30s is when staying home finally doesn’t make you feel like a loser. You only go out when feel like it.



You stop trying to impress people and it’s liberating



This is me, this is what you get. Take it, accept it or get the hell out of my face and leave it.



No more freakin’ studying


In my 20s, I was stupid enough to think that after my miserable five college years, I was done with textbooks. Then along came my Master’s, membership, PhD, etc. In some fields like medicine, studying is a constant for a long time. By the time you are 30, you can finish your Master’s and live life book-free. It is a beautiful feeling that only nerds can relate to.



Your heart turns from cotton candy to Titanium



It’s not a bad thing to be practical when it comes to love. In your 30s, you have no time or patience for mind games and weak, passive men. Your man is either in or out of the relationship. The almost-in-a-relationship crap doesn’t work well with your unleashed 30-year-old goddess. You’ve been heartbroken, stronger and more realistic than ever, unless, of course, you are a hopeless romantic, then you’ll get there by your 50s.



Your inner goddess never felt more complete



You know what you want, how to get it, when to get rid of it because you can and you will if you feel like it. Your character has never felt more established and years will only make you feel better and better.



WE SAID THIS: Happy 34th birthday to me!