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Social media is like a cocktail party filled with a variety of people some of whom maybe interesting and others who are just trying too hard and falling miserably. It’s kind of difficult to know which is which without wasting time on each person or in our case watching videos by different social media vloggers. Facebook has lately become a major platform for spreading ideas, beliefs, and opinions, and in the past few years it has been pretty obvious that anyone could become an influencer in a blink of an eye.

You’ve probably noticed that Facebook had made a major comeback in our lives in the past few years, after it was regarded by our generation as the ‘old folks’ platform’. One of the main reasons behind its comeback was the videos that regular users started recording and sharing about their personal interests.

Many of these videos go viral regardless of how shallow and superficial their content is, and you catch yourself wasting two minutes after two minutes watching worthless stuff. That’s why we’ve decided to gather some of our favorite Facebook accounts that provide you with real knowledge and are worth every minute of your time.


الدحيح – الدواء والغلاء

معضلة براءة الاختراع: مين أهم منتج الأدوية ولا اللي محتاج الأدوية؟Da7ee7 – الدحيح#الدحيح

Posted by ‎عربي +AJ‎ on Saturday, January 27, 2018

Ahmed El Ghandour is a brilliant Volgger who provides us with very interesting information and tackles different scientific topics. Make sure you watch his videos every Sunday.


Script Writer and Content Creator, Eman El-Emam, is here to keep us up-to-date with everything that’s related to medicine in a very brilliant, simple, and eye-catchy way.

انت واحد ولا إتنين ؟

هل حسيت قبل كدة أنك أكتر من واحد جوا بعض ؟ إيه هو أصل أسطورة الكايميرا ؟!حلقة جديدة من #الاسبتالية

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Egychology presents a combination of history, science, and philosophy in a very engaging and creative manner.

افكارك ليها وزن؟؟ – Egychology

وزنك كام كيلو؟ طيب تفتكر افكارك ليها وزن؟ لأ, صح؟ احنا في ايجيكولوجي هنقنعك بغير كدة!دوس شير عشان الكل يستفيد!لينك الفيديو على يوتيوب بالمصادر:

Posted by ‎Egychology – ايجيكولوجي‎ on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Omar elsbtawy

Omar is your online guide when it comes to emergencies, first aids, and everything in between.

انقاذ الشرقان

ازاي تنقذ واحد شرق وبيموت الأكونت الرسمي بتاعي : Omar Omar Elsbtawy

Posted by ‎عمر السبتاوي| Omar elsbtawy‎ on Friday, August 4, 2017

Emad El Sammad 

Emad is an Egyptian who lives in the United States and does some of the funniest videos and voxpops with Americans. He tries to let them know more about Egypt and the Middle East.

Egypt Trivia – Americans on the street answering Fun & Educational Questions about Egypt

حلقة6: اللي ماتعرفوش عن مصر الأمريكان عرفوه؟?تصوير: جوليان فلينت.فكرة واعداد وتقديم واخراج ومونتاج وترجمة ودهان وسباكة وسمكرة ودوكو: (عماد الصمَّاد)عدد المشاهدات والشير بيساعدني اكمل واطور من المحتوى.. وده مش حيحصل أبداً بدون دعمكم ♥️وأوعوا تنسوا تشوفوا الحلقات اللي فاتت..لمشاهدة الحلقة بجودة أعلى على اليوتوب: #عمادـالصماد #EmadElSammad#وزارة_السياحة_المصرية#السياحة في #مصر

Posted by ‎Emad El Sammad عماد الصمَّاد‎ on Friday, January 19, 2018

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