Arab Movies ‘bye bye Tiberias’ & ‘Inshallah A Boy’ on Track in Oscars Race

Arab films, ‘Bye Bye Tiberias’ and ‘Inshallah A Boy’ have both been considered for the short-list, if they are shortlisted they could be in the running for nominations

Palestine has submitted Lina Soualem’s ‘Bye Bye Tiberias;’ this documentary film features Hiam returning home with her daughter after years of departing her village in Palestine to follow an acting career in France, along with four generations of women and their shared legacy of separation.

Jordan submitted Amjad Al Rasheed’s drama film, ‘Inshallah A Boy’ which highlights the story of a woman in desperate need to get her late husband’s inheritance. According to Jordan’s inheritance law, his family is entitled to his belongings as she does not have a son.

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These aren’t the only Arab films to make headlines. Recently, Egypt nominated ‘Voy! Voy! Voy!’ for the Best Foreign Language Film category. 

The film, directed by Omar Hilal tells the tale of an Egyptian security guard living a poverty-stricken life with his mother, who dreamed of traveling and living abroad. One day he discovered soccer for the blind and decided to cleverly pretend to be blind to join a soccer team right before the World Cup in Europe.

Which film are you looking forward to the most?

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