Arab Cooking Shows That Should Be on Your Watchlist


There are days when you can’t turn your head away from some random cooking show, it’s funny you turn your TV on and you find yourself watching more than one episode of different cooking shows for hours. Let’s be honest, some of them can be actually quite enjoyable! But for me, when I want to relax from a long day at work, I just sit on my couch and have dinner while watching some random cooking show; it literally comforts me for some reason.

I just love watching delicious food in the making, step by step, all culminating into an exquisite piece of art. So, without further ado, here’s a list of my favorite Arab cooking shows that I think you need to start watching.

Za’faran we Vanilla

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Ghada Al-Talli is an Egyptian-Jordanian chef and the TV host of the cooking show Zaa’faran w Vanilla on the Egyptian channel CBC Sofra. Her show is divided into two segments just like its name; the first segment is for main dishes and the second segment is for all kinds of desserts. Ghada is always keen on passing her rich experience in Levantine cuisine to her loyal audience, as well as teaching the basics of cake decoration, in which I think she’s a pro at!

Her desserts are a piece of art!

Helw we Hade’

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Sally Fouad is the host of the cooking show which airs on CBC Sofra. Sally, a professional Chef/Nutritionist, is well aware of how to diversify food for it to be both healthy and delicious! Calories are carefully counted in the preparation of all of the meals she cooks. She also sets planned meals to those who follow a certain diet or want to maintain a certain weight without feeling deprived. She offers recipes of all kinds of pastries and desserts’ decoration in a very easy way.

Amira Fi El-Matbakh

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Amira Shanab’s cooking show also airs on CBC Sofra. Amira has helped mothers across the region, providing them with quick, easy to make, and healthy meals for their children in very innovative and varied ways with 100% guaranteed results.

This year Amira is expanding to focus more on cooking meals mainly for children as this subject is very important for mothers. The struggle of thinking about what to cook for your picky child is almost over, ladies! She also doesn’t stop giving advice to all mothers and housewives as a way to make their day-to-day life easier.

Teta Latifa


Teta Latifa is a Lebanese icon; she symbolizes all the grandmas of the Middle East! She rose to fame in late 2008 when she starred in a Labne advertising spot in Lebanon directed by Nadine Labaki for the Taanayel brand. She is now the host of a cooking show called “‘A’ Nar Latifa” which airs on OTV Lebanon.

In each episode, she invites ladies and men to prepare delicious meals and desserts; varying between Middle Eastern and Western cuisines. During the episode, Teta Latifa makes hilarious comments to keep us, the audience, and the guests entertained.

Matbakhna El-Arabi

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A very unique cooking show that airs on Fatafeat; it features a wide range of Arabic cuisines including Lebanese, Moroccan, Tunisian, and Arabian Gulf meals with a twist. Every few episodes, they have a different chef hosting his own segment cooking certain Arabic dishes in their own way.

The show is actually very educational in my opinion, and keeps you intrigued! It introduces you to different traditional and cultural cuisines from our region.

Cooking With Julie Taboulie

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Julie is the ‘Queen’ of Lebanese cuisine; she carefully creates amazing Lebanese recipes and a Mediterranean cooking collection. Her show airs on Kentucky Educational TV in the US; her cooking series actually introduces the fascinating world of the Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine, culture, and customs to the west.

Her cooking segments are not only inspirational but also extremely healthy; all of her ingredients are from the market’s fresh food. Her style of cooking is inspired by our old fashioned family recipes like Malfouf and Harissa. Each episode introduces the seemingly out of reach food in a very accessible way, at the same time as a way to encourage her audience to master these delicious dishes at home.

Cooking With Chef Layla Fathala

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A TV series that introduces all kinds of our delicious Arabic cuisines from the region, but her specialty is Lebanese. Layla Fathala hosts the cooking show on Fatafeat and all of her recipes are extremely yummy!

The show takes you on an amazing journey to discover different traditional Arabic dishes, making it look so easy to cook for yourself at home. This Fatafeat cooking show is hands down the most diverse; the dishes offer you all kinds of salads, cakes, and different flavors from Arab countries.

Dar Manal Alalem

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Manal is a Palestinian-Jordanian chef, she hosts a cooking show called “Dar Manal Alalem” where she provides her audience with both Arabic and Western recipes. Her delicious dishes have a very tasteful appearance that literally makes you want to drool! Cooking both salty and sweet dishes, Arabic and Western cuisines, you name it, she can definitely prepare it all. With her educational and friendly technique, she always makes cooking look so easy.

Chef Emad El-Khosht Show

Via Cbc Sofra

Emad is one of the most famous chefs around Cairo; his cooking show on CBC Sofra managed to massively succeed because of his light and fun spirit, as well as his sense of humor that intrigues his audience. He offers mouthwatering recipes and tasteful dishes on a small budget, making it easy for all families from different classes to have access to those simple and creative recipes.

Chef Sherbini Show

Via Cbc Sofra

This talented chef will definitely take you on an amazing mouthwatering trip into delicious Egyptian cuisine. Chef Sherbini hosts his cooking show on CBC Sofra; he’s one of the most popular chefs around town. The chef’s known for his sense of humor and delightful personality, as well as his flavorful Egyptian dishes and main courses that will make your heart skip a beat.

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