Maker Faire Cairo 2019: A Chance to Meet the Makers of Egypt

By Muhammed Aladdin.

On Saturday, the 2nd of March, a gathering of Egypt’s tech-enthusiasts, scientists, craftspeople, and underground tinkerers will come to life at Smart Village. The Annual Cairo Maker Faire is a celebration of inventiveness, creativity, and quirkiness.

For years, Makers and their underground community have remained unbeknown to most Egyptians, but with the launch of the first Maker Fair in 2015, Egyptian makers were introduced to the mainstream. Since then, many of them were empowered to spread the maker culture all over Egypt.

Via Maker Faire Cairo.

The Faire is perhaps the greatest show-and-tell in all of the MENA region; in every corner, there is someone showcasing something never seen before. It is an event of learning, entertainment, connection, and growth equipped with a wide array of panels, shows, and exhibitions, and more.

In its fifth edition, the Maker Faire Cairo is organized by Fab Lab Egypt and San3a Tech in collaboration with the American Center in Cairo. The organizers want to instill the spirit of creating within the hearts of the Fair’s guests. In their eyes, making is everything from learning a craft to becoming an entrepreneur, as long as the person is resourceful, insightful, and imaginative.

With the announcement of most of 2019’s highlights, it looks like the people behind the event are preparing something extravagant. The echoes of robots bellowing, hissing of carbonated soda after minty explosions, and roars of DIY-made cars, the 5th Annual Maker Faire in Cairo is prepared to blow the minds of its visitors.

Via Maker Faire Cairo.

In a number of posts on their Facebook page, organizers have announced a number of keynote activities that will include the Metal Monster Robofight with actual real-life robots in a real-life fight, The Meal Kit are giving away kits, and in a 20-minute cooking show will show you how to prepare a meal, and cosplaying of different fictional characters with Geek Fiction.

In addition to pottery workshops with actual artisans, a real-life minesweeper game, and a traditional music performance by the ancient Egyptian Semsemya music instrument.

Via Maker Faire Cairo.

In addition, there will be a number of panel discussions by entrepreneurs, makers, and influencers on various topics related to the event’s theme.

At the end of the day, an entertainment show with Night Light Dancers is set to maroon attendees with mesmerizing neon dance moves.

WE SAID THIS: All in all, it is an amazing experience to have that is sure to inspire, entertain, and educate, so why not give it a try!