April Fool’s Day: 7 Outrageous Ways To Trick Your Arab Parents!

Arab parents sometimes have a reputation for being strict. They really care about what others think, and usually try not to be inappropriate. They just can’t be the subject of a gossip talk concerning “3eib” things. Because of their good faith, they also never want to do anything forbidden in their beliefs and/or culture. They teach these these values to their kids, hoping they would be better versions of them. Every person who has an Arab parent, or grew up in a Middle Eastern society, is well aware of the taboos. However, those taboos make for great material to get your parents good as a prank, and we are all here for it! Here’s how you can prank your Arab parents on April Fool’s Day.

“Can you buy me a pack of cigarettes?”

Try telling your mother or father this while they’re shopping. See how they react. It’s better done over the phone, so they don’t throw a slipper at you or run after you. Maybe you should also lock your door securely as well, so you can give yourself a chance to explain.

“My boyfriend is going to stay over tonight”

If you already have a boyfriend that they know of, this will be easier. Imagine though if you don’t have a boyfriend, then this will ultimately serve as two pranks in one go. Of course for Arab parents, death is more tolerable than a guy staying over at your house. Again, take your precautions, and please tape this on camera.

“I don’t think I want to ever get married”

This is a mother’s worst nightmare, as once you’re born and gradually grow up, they’ve been dreaming to seeing their grandchildren. Arab mothers dream of their kid’s wedding day, and the birth of their grandkids. This prank can be taken a little bit further though, if you plan on adding salt to the wound. Talk about it until the tears start streaming, and I guarantee you…there will be tears.

“I got a tattoo!”

By the time you make this announcement, they would have already been booking the tattoo removal laser session. This is a scandal. “What would your cousins say when they see it?” “How can you meet your maker with a deformed body?” Expected reactions may include a lot of self-blaming for the bad job they’ve done as parents.

“I decided I’m going to move out and live on my own”

This just might be met by sarcasm. “Why move out? You’re fed, clothed, sheltered, and have prepared meals. Is that the way you thank your parents?” They’ll probably think you’re bluffing, and blow you off.

“I am going to get an eyebrow piercing”

Well, this is more or less similar to the tattoo one. They’ll ask you why you would do something disgusting to yourself like that. And it will be over their dead bodies. Try this in the morning to spend this beautiful April Fool’s Day in fight mode, if you’re prepared for it. Watch them lock the house door to make sure that piercing doesn’t happen.

“I am pregnant”

This one is not for the faint-hearted. If your parents really believe this one, they might disown you. If they don’t really buy it, they’ll disown you for the prank itself. Matter of fact, if your Arab parents have a health issue, don’t do this one at all, and spare them a heart attack or a drop in blood pressure. THIS IS A DISCLAIMER, take it or leave it! But, in case you’re sure there is a safer outcome to this, then get it on videotape, please.

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