This App Is Set to Revolutionize the Way People Eat in Dubai

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Dubai’s reliance on technology has easily led to the growth of tons of automated services. For instance, the emirate was the first to launch an automated police station, as well as create flying taxis. Its latest offering, however, targets foodies with Food Watch. The new new app is set to revolutionize the way people eat in Dubai.


Food Watch is a newly-designed virtual platform that will allow consumers to see all the details about the restaurants in which they eat, and the food those places offer — including nutritional information, allergens, and ingredients.


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Gulf News reported that Noura Al Shamsi, Head of Applied Nutrition and Permits Section at the Food Safety Department, stated: “All allergen aspects will be included in the program. If consumers have any particular dietary choices or allergies, they can choose the food accordingly.”


The purpose of the app is to inform Dubai and its people what they’re eating and where it comes from. This will emphasize the safety of the users by allowing them to know the conditions of their food, when it was imported, how it was stored, what it contains and so on.


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“For example, if one shipment of salmon is coming from Norway, all the details about it will be recorded from the beginning,” Al Shamsi clarified. “We will know the exact number of fish. We can monitor the temperature control and the moisture level throughout the journey to Dubai port. We will know the variations if someone opened the container and closed it later.”



WE SAID THIS: It won’t be long until other Middle Eastern states follow Dubai’s lead!

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