The Annual ‘Party on Wheels’ Is Back in Gouna on March 31st

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The Official Annual Party on Wheels® is back again this year, bigger and better than ever before. Year on year we’ve watched Egypt’s strongest and healthiest hit the bikes for a marathon like no other and upon it’s fourth year, founder Nirvana Zaher promises to help you push your limits even further.


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On March 31st, the Middle East’s longest Spinning marathon will be setting up shop at Club 88 in El Gouna. The Fitness Playground in partnership with Core Health and Fitness promises a fitness fiesta like no other.


Party on Wheels founder Nirvana Zaher. Via LAX Gym


Think DJs, MCs and you spinning for eight hours (note that you don’t have to do the whole eight hours, each bike can be split among four people so you have no excuse!). We sat down with the woman behind it all, to get a better understanding of what she has up her sleeve.



What will make this year stand out from the years before?


We’re growing! We’re no longer “just” a Spinning marathon, but rather a full-fledged party on wheels. This is the first event of its nature in the Middle East where the core concept is essentially fitness-oriented, but on the periphery, it’s all about the party, the good times, and the good vibes. We are fitness-entertainment at its best!



How many attendees have you had in the past?


We’ve grown from 50 bikes in 2014, to 100 bikes in 2017, and because we can accommodate up to four people per bike, this means that we could potentially be expecting up to 400 people at this year’s event. Having said that, because our participants are the real deal, a lot of the registrations coming in have been for one bike, one rider, eight hours. Yes, we’re a party, but we don’t mess around when the wheels start turning!



 How many kilometers did people bike last year?


Party on Wheels is not a competition; and this one of the most important realizations we aim at portraying every year. 1) We do not measure distance or speed 2) we encourage participants to ride to the beat of the music 3) we help participants synchronize with the group energy and 4) most importantly, we tell riders to listen to their body, and to have a good time.


We want people to let themselves go to the electric vibe that permeates the venue as soon as the first presenter steps up to the podium, and to ride that wave, strong and steady, into The Finale. If you think about it, in a 60-minute Spinning class, we usually cover anywhere between 20-30km. 8 hours on the bike at the coolest fitness-entertainment event of the year? Now, you do the math!



What are expecting the crowd to be like this year?


Funky, fresh, fun, and looking for a good time! This is all we can promise!


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WE SAID THIS: To sign up and secure your spot, email,  or call 01122338833.