Animal Rights’ Advocates Just Filed a Case to Stop the Killing of Stray Animals in Egypt!

Via Anne Arundel County

According to Al Bawabh News, Lawyer Mostafa Shaaban, and a group of animal rights’ advocates just filed a case to ask the government to stop the killing of stray animals in Egypt! They are asking for a stop to organized extermination of these stray animals, and for exporting them to countries that eat their meat!

Via HuffPost

The group claims that they witnessed in the last period of 2018 vicious and organized mass killings of dogs and cats in different parts of Egypt. Whether through poisoning, shooting, or through exporting them!

Different groups of people concerned about the well-being of stray animals have taken to the social media and to the street in some cases to make their stance clear on what they think of the animal exporting case!

WE SAID THIS: We really hope this is begining of real change!

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