10 Ways to Avoid Emotional Eating During the Holidays

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By Sarah Zoheir

The holiday season is upon us and while we can blame our weight gain on this time of the year, the reality is that it’s really due to our way of thinking and the choices we make are what really cause the damage! Every year passes and I see the same patterns of people putting on pounds during the festive season, then set their New Year’s resolutions and spend months trying to lose it.

So without further or due, here are 10 ways to start eating smart during the holidays:

Drink water!

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Often times, what we think is hunger may just actually be thirst, leading us to eat when in fact, our bodies just need some hydration! Drinking cold water can also effectively burn more calories, not to mention its ability to cure your worst hangovers. Alcohol helps with dehydration; to prevent a hangover, you should drink plenty of water along with your favorite refreshments during those holiday celebrations.

Eat when you’re hungry

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Eat when you’re hungry and only when you’re hungry! Follow this method with every meal you’re about to have. Stop thinking about the clock and listen to your body instead. Also, it’s always important to fill your stomach with nutritious foods that will keep you full till your next meal.

Smaller plates lead to smaller portions

Pay attention to the size of the portions you fill your plate with. How much you consume is a key factor in maintaining a healthy diet. It’s important for you to control your meal portions as research has confirmed that larger meal servings not only provide more calories, but also encourage people to eat more without them realizing how much they’re consuming. You have to set your own limit and have the will to say that this portion is enough for you!

“Less is More”

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Having too many choices is definitely overwhelming. Not only with foods, but almost with anything! Therefore, it’s important to take a look at things first and see what’s being offered, then pick one or two favorites to sample instead of letting yourself get distracted by everything! It’s important to know that the secret to a long and healthy life is to put less food on your plates.

Resist grazing

Instead of continuous snacking, which unfortunately can quickly cause the calories to stack up, examine the party spread and try to pick just one or two small bites of your favorite dishes. That way, you get to try the food you crave with the will to resist the temptation to stack your plate with huge amounts of every food there is.

Snack, don’t starve

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Even though snacks have a “bad image” in our society, they can be an important part of everyone’s diet. A healthy snack between your meals can reduce hunger and keep you from over-eating at meal time. Instead, it’s better to eat a healthy nutritious snack to calm the hunger down. It’s preferable to include snacks with whole grain, fruits or vegetables, and protein; like nuts, to have the most fulfilling snack until your next meal.

Never go to parties or dinners super hungry

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Eat a healthy satisfying meal or snack before you go out. We usually eat differently when we’re with other people and during any social setting compared to when we eat alone. It’s important to pre-game in advance to help you resist the temptation. Eat a healthy snack or meal before heading out so that your stomach is not empty.

Focus on socializing not food

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Conversations are calorie-free! Don’t stand around the food table at a party, get out and mingle! Help in preparing the meals, if you can, or help with setting the table. It’s important to get your body moving during such occasions.

Tell the people around you about your goals for having a healthier lifestyle

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Surrounding yourself with supporters and cheerleaders is always a better choice. Always surround yourself with your good friends and family members. Do not allow yourself to be pressured into eating if you don’t want to whatsoever! As human beings we get influenced easily by others’ opinions; whether good or bad. So, it’s important for you to set your own goals and stand firmly by them.

Book a holiday adventure with friends/family

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It’s always for the best to find new ways to keep your body moving during the holidays instead of settling for a few lazy days. Physical activity can be an important factor to maintain your health and well-being. Book a holiday adventure with your friends or family; something like hiking or camping. There’s no better way to discover your inner capabilities other than delving into the wild.

WE SAID THIS:  Always remember, a healthier body, a happier you!

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