An Exclusive Talk With ComedyBunker Creator & Comedian Mohamed Helmy On Latest Euro Tour

Who doesn’t enjoy a stand-up comedy show with different comedy styles taking your mind off of things? Stand-up comedian Mohamed Helmy has hit the scene early on rapidly helping raise awareness on stand up comedy as well as aiming the spot light on different comedians. Helmy is the creator of ComedyBunker, which is an extension of HelmyMan, an event company that he founded which organizes stand up comedy shows for rising stars, established comedians as well as comedians who simply want to see if this is what they want to do.

When we spoke with Helmy, he expressed his utter excitement that with ComedyBunker, “we will be able to grow and be able to give shows across the world.” However, the platform is no stranger to international shows, as they headed to Paris in Nov. 2022 along with shows in Jordan, Lebanon, and UAE. Regarding Egypt, their Zed park show attracted 2500 spectators one of their biggest shows yet.

On Jan. 21, ComedyBunker will be heading to Berlin for a show that will feature himself along with Alaa El Sheikh where they will be giving their best comedy to fans in Europe.

Via Instagram

Following Berlin the duo will be heading to Amsterdam on Jan. 23rd as a continuation for their Europe journey.

Along with ComedyBunker, there is also ComedyMonsters, a platform that helps young stand-up comedians to develop and learn how to run a performance in a way that is both professional and entertaining. As Helmy noted, stand-up comedy is undeniably thriving in Egypt, and this year, we can expect to see ComedyBunker expand into other regions. If you think you have it in you to be a stand up comedian then join one of the open mics and give it a go!

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