From Padel Courts To Candlelit Dinners: A Guide To A Series Of Unforgettable Dates Across Egypt

Whether it’s for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or just a regular day during the week, nothing beats a romantic date with your favorite person. Sure, Cairo is one of the cities that does not shy away from offering intimate dinners at some of its finest including Sachi and Esca but every now and then, it’s good to change things up. If you’re craving that adrenaline rush or want to tap into your creative side, Cairo is home to some unique hot spots to take your date to the next level.

Paint With A Stunning View

Imagine this, a row of white blank canvases set against a backdrop of an orange-hued sunset splayed across the glistening waters of the Nile river or the lapping waves of El Gouna’s beach. That is the exact vibe you’ll get at any Paint & Sip event that is all about one simple concept: painting and sipping cocktails or mocktails while enjoying a pleasant view. What’s great is that each of its sessions is held at different picturesque venues; whether it’s the rooftop of the Nile Ritz Carlton or the Mexican restaurant, Escobar. Each session is also led by a different artist, giving you and your partner the option of either following along or tapping into your own creative artistry.

Depending on which location you pick, prices will range from 500 to 600 EGP and at each session, everything will be set up and ready including the art supplies and your drink of choice. To book your spot, head to Brush It Art’s official page and pick the next available time. Once you’ve booked your spot, get ready to bask in a beautiful sunset, and engage in pleasant conversations with your partner as you paint and unwind.

Enjoy Sweeping Views Atop Zed Park’s Ferris Wheel

Time to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and enter the magical world of Zed Park. A great way to spice up your date is to head to this 65-acre amusement park home to everything from a mind-spinning carousel and a mammoth-sized Ferris wheel to star-studded concerts and a massive ice rink. Nothing can be more romantic than sitting next to your partner meters above the ground with a view of the kaleidoscopic lights of the bustling theme park.

This entire month is the perfect time to head to the park as it’s currently celebrating its annual Winter Wonderland when the entire place gets decked out in winter decorations to amp up the festive season. Beyond the park, popular guests always make an appearance and this weekend its special guest will be the very own Ahmed EL-Ghandour aka Al Daheeh. To book your spot for your next date night, you can head to Zed park’s official website and pick out their “Winter Festival for two” package that will include park entry, carnival vouchers, and rides balance.

Hit Up The Padel Court Neon Style

Want to hit up the court in style? Neon Padel is definitely the way to go with its glow-in-the-dark multicolored bright and flashing neon courts. At New Cairo’s family park, expect a pitch-black space with the only sources of light being the glow-in-the-dark racquets, and tennis balls as well as the fluorescent green, pink, orange, and yellow strips of light marking the edges and outlines of the court.

It will definitely make for an unforgettable date, one where you can tap into your competitive side while also having a blast. To book a spot, head to Neon Padel’s official website and fill in their online form. You’ll pick out your date, time slot and number of courts you want and on average, pay 600 EGP for a one-hour session.

Experience Fine Dining At Its Best

No matter what, there is an uncanny quality and magnetic draw towards a simple candlelit dinner; whether under the sparkling night sky or a crystal chandelier. Living in Cairo means you are in luck as it is home to some of the best fine dining spots with the top tier options including any of Pier 88’s branches as well as the Smokery. When it comes to a night of pure romance in one of Cairo’s timeless and elegant dining spots that mirror its 1920s, Maadi’s Villa Belle Epoque is the place to go.

It’s a restaurant set under a string of globe lights and the intermingling of the surrounding lemon, mango, olive, and guava trees is the ultimate getaway from Cairo’s fast-paced city life. Coupled with their extensive International menu offering everything from Thai tom yum soup to Italian homemade salmon ravioli and you are set to have a memorable night. To experience all that Villa Belle Epoque has to offer, you can reserve a table through their website.

Spend An Entire Day At The Majestic Pyramids

So far we’ve given you options to satisfy everything from your sporty side with some action-fueled padel tennis to your playful side through Zed park’s massive theme park. If history and culture are what truly floats your boat, there is no better place for a perfect date than Egypt’s 4500-year-old legendary Pyramids of Giza. You can spend a day in the company of the famous trio Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure by taking a horse or camel ride tour across the Giza plateau.

For a different kind of tour, you can go for the fun and bumpy horse carriage ride usually accompanied by a quick-witted and hilarious coachman who will make some comical remarks and gestures that you will probably never forget. Best part is that you and your partner will get the chance to have your very own creative photoshoot with the help of a professional photographer which will include the infamous Sphinx kiss picture. Before starting your adventure, you’ll need to buy your ticket from the entrance which will cost 60 EGP for locals and 240 EGP for foreigners.

Race Your Partner Across The Nile

Time to once again tap into your competitive side by going for a full-fledged Nile race against your partner. Get your hands on a kayak and padel by hitting up any of Cairo’s kayaking clubs whether its Dokki’s Nile Dragons Academy or Giza’s EgyRow Kayak & Canoe Academy. Whatever place you pick, you’ll first go through a mini induction session to learn about the basics of maneuvering the kayak across the water. From there, an instructor will accompany you as you travel through the Nile, enjoying Cairo’s cityscape dotting the horizon.

If you were the reigning champion during the race, you can snap the classic victorious picture of a raised padel held high above your head. If instead you don’t want to get competitive and would rather enjoy a fun trip across the Nile, you and your partner can share a row boat which is also available to rent at many spots across Cairo.

Eat Your Way Through A Wadi Degla Picnic

Nothing screams romantic date better than a classic picnic and when it comes to Cairo, beyond its lush parks and gardens, a great spot for an outdoor dining experience is the Wadi Degla Protectorate. The rugged valley stretching over 30 km sits to the East of Cairo’s Maadi neighborhood. Home to endless limestone rock formations, the valley has become a winter hotspot for all sorts of activities including hiking across its rocky terrain and camping under its star-lit night sky.

A picnic can be another way to enjoy its vast desert expanse and by heading to the protectorate just before sunset, you can enjoy the picturesque orange hued sky set against a backdrop of bright sandy mountains and towering cliffs. With entry tickets only costing 3 EGP, its an affordable yet special type of date for any couple to spend quality time.

Zap Across Maadi’s Streets In A Scooter

Beyond its melting pot of cuisines, Maadi is a neighborhood known to boast a quiet atmosphere with its network of narrow roads home to constant flocks of pedestrians as well as bikers and skaters. For a more adrenaline fueled experience of this neighborhood tree-lined pathways, renting a Rabbit scooter is the way to go. Spread along the entire neighborhood are the infamous electric scooters that have become a popular means of transportation and fun among Cairenes.

With a one hour ride only costing 60 EGP, spending several hours on the speedy scooter with wind in your hair can be a great way to enjoy a fun date with your partner. We’d recommend taking a ride around the square that surrounds Cairo American College as that area is usually empty, with barely a few cars passing by.

Marvel At Beit Al-Suhaymi’s Ottoman Architecture

When it comes to history, Cairo isn’t just home to its 4500 year old ancient civilization, as along the many years that have come to pass since that legendary time, more life seeped into the city and with it came more significant moments of its past. One such important time was that of the Ottoman Empire, a time when rich culture and traditions intertwined in the city. Today, traces are left of that time with several houses offering a unique look into domestic life during the age-old Ottoman period.

To travel back in time and witness a unique form of architecture, Bayt Al-Suhaymi is a must visit. Get your partner and head to al-Darb al-Asfar Lane at al-Gamaliyya where you will get to witness some of the most iconic architectural fixtures of that time including the wooden mashrabiyyas.

Hop On A Romantic Train Ride To Alexandria

For a sprinkle of spontaneity and an air of mystery, why not surprise your partner with a trip to Alexandria? To up the surprise factor, you can book two tickets on the new and modern Talgo train, blindfold your partner and take them to the platform to catch the 2pm train heading to Alexandria. You’ll pay 200 EGP for the first class ticket and 150 EGP if you go for the second class ticket.

In just two hours, you’ll find yourself at Alexandria, ready for a day of food and adventure. Some of the spots we recommend hitting up would be the Royal Jewelry museum home to some of the most beautiful ceramic interiors and encrusted jewelry as well as a delicious meal at any of Alexandria’s vintage restaurants including the 1920s pizzeria Chez Gaby and the 1930s Greek eatery Trianon.

There is a reason why dates are special as they signify a way to make time for your partner and spend a special night together to commemorate your relationship. Going to any of these spots will definitely make for a night you will not forget and will want to repeat again in the near future.

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