Amr Wahba Represents Us All on Our First Independent Travel Booking in his Latest Viral Video!

Via e3lam

Actor, Content Creator, and Social Media Celebrity Amr Wahba released a video that went viral, and it’ll be the funniest thing you’ll see today. Wahba’s 3 minute video hilariously tackles the small rooms in European hotels that you’d accidentally book if you’re not an avid wanderer and decided to plan your trip independently.

Apparently, people found the video super relatable as it got tons of shares and comments from people who were definitely in his shoes once. The video is already close to 300k viewers on Instagram and about 900k on Facebook.

Planning a trip all by yourself will save you tons of money, and it’s relatively very easy thanks to the online booking applications that bring you everything with a click. However, it’s wise to spend some time planning and reading about the things you’re booking so you won’t get stuck in a tuna can on your next trip!

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