Amr Adib Reaches Out to Sheikhs and Scholars to Stand Against Marital Rape

Lately, with resurfacing allegations and accusations, a lot of controversial topics are being opened up. One of which is marital rape. Marital rape is not even criminalized in Egypt, and that’s just one of many Arab countries. While women are exposed to a lot of crime and brutality, it’s surely the worst when it’s from people who have your trust. It’s surely way worse when it’s marital rape.

Marital rape is when the husband forces himself on his wife. He rapes her claiming it’s his right, regardless of her consent or desire. Mostly, in a patriarchal world, no one supports victims of marital rape. That is because society doesn’t recognize it as a crime against women. Consequently, many women fear speaking up and resort to silence out of fear. As a victim who’s been exposed to an awful crime; one can only imagine how much worse it can get when they speak up. There are multiple reasons that they use to justify the deed. Whether that’s emotional feelings, religion, or a piece of legal paper to prove the marriage and hence its consummation.

When a woman went online and shared a video of herself talking about how her ex-husband who used to rape her while they were married, conversation erupted. Egyptian TV presenter, Amr Adib, got involved. He supported her and confirmed that he will work on finding solutions for this crime that has happened in many homes in Egypt. All in the name of the husband’s legal right.

Adib asked Sheikhs, Parliament, and the National Council for Women to interfere and weigh in on this crime. He stated his shock that this happens. He also stated that some Sheikhs justify this deed as the husband’s legal right and that the woman cannot deny her husband of that right. Adib stressed that all he wants is to make sure these women who suffer such crimes would get justice and that there would be an official legal action to take.

While there is a lot of progress when it comes to sexual abuse or harassment in the Egyptian society, this case remains untouched. While her ex-husband denied ever doing that; the media and specifically social media is still looking for a solution and supporting the victim; all in hope that anyone who suffers such abuse, would come forward and speak up.

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