American TikToker Megan Rice Converts To Islam Following Inspiration Of Palestinian Faith

For more than a month, Palestine continues to be plagued by a series of horrific attacks but the one thing that remains constant is each citizen’s persistence to fight back. In a lot of ways, religion plays a major role in generating hope and giving strength to Palestinians to push through. That was the inspiration behind American TikToker Megan Rice’s reversion to Islam.

Rice is known to use her platform to speak up about all types of injustice including the unfairness of the US healthcare system. She uses her platform to inform and educate viewers on painful and tragic occurrences both in the US and the world at large. Since October 7, Rice developed a vested interest in keeping track of what is happening in Palestine and making videos about the ongoing tragedy. The one thing that remained constant to her was how Palestinians always had this iron-clad faith even in the face of losing everything.

Seeing how strong their faith is, she began taking an interest in Islam and even started reading the Qur’an for her book club. That is how she ended up deciding to join Palestinians and share their faith in Islam. By doing so, she was faced with an onslaught of hate comments and disbelief from her viewers but that in no way affected her decision.

These are the kinds of moments that showcase the power of Palestine’s persistence and faith. No matter the danger, Palestinians do not run away or escape, they remain. That is why they should be taken as a beacon of inspiration for us all to fight for what we believe in and push for justice.

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