American Lebanese Fashion Designer, Nadia Aboulhosn, is Redefining Authenticity!

When it comes to beauty, self-acceptance, and positive body image, it is not only limited to your body weight; It includes every distinctive difference in us that was not previously portrayed according to beauty standards and there never should be a thing that describes beauty or perfection as it is merely abstract. The Model, Designer, and Fashion Blogger Nadia Abou Elhosn portray authentic fashion, authentic women, and an authentic message advocating real self love.

Via Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia is a 29-year-old American Designer from Orlando, Florida, with Lebanese descents, originally from the big town of Btekhnay in Mount Lebanon. She is the archetypical woman who appreciates everything real and who followed what she loves to do in spare time till it became her full-time profession. Nadia started blogging in 2010, and her epitome believes of positive body image and advocating these ideas lead her to modeling and eventually producing her own 2015 Fall Capsule, which was shown in New York Fashion Week.

Via bynadiaaboulhosn 

It is definitely refreshing to see the same beautiful dress in various sizes with several colors. This legit fashion station provides real fashion fanatics with broad wide options. We really mean it when we say broad as we have seen the widest array of beauty in this blog, whether its bare face, natural makeup look, full freckled face, diva curls, pin-straight strands, pale skin or to die for bronzed and colored skin.

Via bynadiaaboulhosn

WE SAID THIS: We did not only find our favorite place for fashion rave, but also for self-love!