Amazon Scamming Messages Go Viral In The Region & Here’s Why!

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“Hi, I’m a hiring manager at Amazon and we are currently hiring 80 part-time employees”, sound familiar? Over the past couple of weeks, thousands of people have been receiving scam messages from someone claiming to be a hiring manager at Amazon. The message slightly differs from one person to another but mainly offers a part-time work-from-home job in exchange for a ridiculously tempting salary. Amazon officials confirmed that these messages are nothing but a scam and that all Amazon vacancies are available on amazon. jobs.

Scams from the Past

This is not a first, we have seen strange messages from anonymous people like this in the past. Some are harmful and dangerous whereas others are harmless and provide amusing entertainment, with texts from Queen B herself. A popular message that was circulated in Egypt once upon a time was from a distant cousin claiming to have discovered ancient artifacts, police back in 2017 managed to identify and capture the creative culprits. More recently in 2021, a phone call recording went viral of someone claiming to be a representative from the Central Bank of Egypt asking people about their banking details in order to renew their data, banks were quick to comment saying that these were scams and encouraged those who received scamming calls to report them immediately.

How do I identify a scam?

Let’s face it, anyone can fall for a scam especially as they keep getting better and more believable from a message by a distant cousin in Upper Egypt to Beyonce asking for some cash to Amazon offering you a post you cannot refuse. According to Engineer Tamer Mohamed, an IT expert these scams are inevitable and they will remain to exist and develop but in different forms. When asked about the Amazon scam messages, Mohamed commented, “We must all be very cautious when it comes to spreading our personal information, an established company like Amazon has clear hiring procedures. Be cautious of anyone that asks you to share personal information or pay money. Scammers will be using this information to gain access to your financial records.”

Make sure to double-check the company’s website and check if this vacancy actually exists or not, “the best way to deal with such a scam is to simply ignore them. People must work on their awareness and be able to identify scams by simply checking the number or email that sent you the message. A company like Amazon would use their own domain or website to promote a job,” explained Mohamed.

WE SAID THIS: Beware of scams and make sure not to share your information with anyone!