Ali Gatie’s World Tour is Kicking off This Month with Dubai and Cairo as His First Stops!

Fans of Pop and R&B music from around the world are rejoicing as Toronto-based rapper, singer, and songwriter, Ali Gatie, just released the schedule for this world tour. The tour of the Iraqi-Canadian star will include the Middle East, Asia, Europe, the USA, and Canada. The 22-year-old will begin his tour with two Arab destinations where his fan-base is huge, Dubai and Cairo.

Gatie will be in Dubai on the 28th of February at Dubai’s Caesars Palace and will perform in Cairo one day later, but the venue hasn’t been announced yet. Although the announcement was made very recently, thousands of his fans across the two Arab states are already on cloud nine.

The rap star currently has 1.3 million followers on Facebook, and his songs have been streamed millions of times across different music streaming platforms. His hit song “It’s You” was charted worldwide, charting on the US Billboard Hot 100 and reaching the top 40 in Australia, Canada, Ireland, and Sweden and the top 10 in New Zealand and in Germany.

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