Aladdin is Out in the Cinemas, and Here’s Our Honest Review!

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We’ve all been waiting restlessly for the release of Disney’s live-action remake of one of its most successful animated movies, Aladdin!

I really enjoyed the remake of Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson, so my expectations for this one were really high.

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Although the movie came out during Ramadan, the theaters were unexpectedly crowded due to this release. You could see the excitement on the faces of everyone who were going to watch one of their childhood classics come to life.

My first thought after the movie was over was that “I’m not disappointed.” However, it didn’t meet my high expectations as a result of the extreme hype!

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The movie was loyal to a huge extent to the 1992 version, although they added some minor changes and songs, you will still get that nostalgic feeling you want to get from any remake. However, the movie is stretched out a little bit, as it’s 38 minutes longer than the original, so you might get bored at times.

During some parts of the movie, I was impressed by the CGI and effects, especially during the genie’s performances. But during other parts, it felt cheap and cringe-worthy, for example, during Jafaar’s use of magic spells.

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Since fans are more woke now, Disney was pushing so hard for Jasmine choosing independence over romance, to highlight women empowerment. A very smart move, if only they did the same thing while decreasing the orientalist vibe throughout the movie especially with the song Arabian Nights (refer to Edward Said’s ‘Orientalism’ for more).


As for the actors, I think Will Smith did an amazing job, and he was the most entertaining part of the movie. Mena Masoud and Naomi Scott did well portraying their roles, with the songs, and the dancing.

My only concern is with the main villain, Jaffar. His costume and staff were a bit extra for a live-action film and would only fit in an animation. It only looked funny rather than intimidating.

Overall I think the movie was great, worth the trip to the cinema, and Guy Ritchie did above average job getting this classic to life.
My Score: 6.5/10

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