Akram Hosny’s Cinematic Comeback, ‘El Ameel Sefr’: A Refreshing Comedy Of A Zero To Hero

Last night, we attended the premiere of the Egyptian comedy, ‘El Ameel Sefr’ or ‘Agent Zero.’ The film starring Akram Hosny marks his comeback following five years away from a cinematic titular role since ‘El Badla.’ The film follows his character, Zero, a security guard who takes on the mission of protecting a Duchess and her daughter and let’s just say things may or may not go royally up in flames.

‘Agent Zero’ is written by Wael Abdala who is known for creating work that blends genres, his last project was the horror film ’13 Youm’ but he’s renowned for projects like ‘Samir w Shahir w Bahir’ which can be felt through the film. It’s also directed by Karim El Adl, who is an eclectic filmmaker with his last project being the drama-heavy, ‘Azmet Montsaf El Omr’ but he’s also behind ‘Rayeh El Madam;’ making him the perfect confirmation to match drama and funny.

Along with Hosny, the film co-stars Asma Abulyazeid who truly is a versatile actress when it comes to maneuvering through genres. She’s also joined by Phaedra, Moustafa Gharieb, Fatema AlBanawi, Ucef Adel and many more stars who all aced their performances.

An aspect worth noting is the film’s introduction of new faces. Such as Ayman Toumah who played the heartthrob, taekwondo instructor, and everything that Zero isn’t. After this performance, Toumah definitely has the audience’s attention.

The film is filled with laugh-out-loud moments as Zero aims to accomplish his mission of protecting the duchesses. it’s a feel-good comedy-action that has you rooting for the underdog and is easily enjoyed by any audience and that’s exactly what Hosny intended for. When we caught up with the actor on the red carpet, he shared, “we always have our eye on the younger generation as we’re so grateful for that bond they share with my projects and I think this film can be accessible to any generation, which is always the aim.”

Though this might be a bit of a reach, but what makes the film truly refreshing is that it inspires people to keep going at their dreams even if every sign is literally telling them otherwise.

Hilarious and heartwarming, ‘Zero Agent’ is a journey detailing the life of a security guard’s transformation from zero to hero. The film releases today across Cairo cinemas.

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