AI Continues Its Rise Causing Saudi Workers To Fear Losing Their Jobs

A growing worry has been spreading across the Kingdom especially among Saudi workers…will AI replace them in the workplace? According to Kaspersky research, almost half the employees surveyed (48%) fear losing their jobs to robots. For sometime now, AI has been on the rise with powerful platforms like ChatGPT becoming readily available to the public as well as robots weaving their way across multiple sectors.

ChatGPT alone has generated quite a stir with its uncanny human abilities, specializing in generating human-like text and with search engine capabilities like answering various questions. Beyond that, it excels at creative writing and can write up entire research papers, articles and stories.

Actual robots are also taking over and performing many human-like roles with just recently it was announced that a robot versed in 11 languages will receive visitors at the King Abdelaziz Complex for the Holy Kaaba Kiswa. The robot will inform incoming visitors of the services provided in the complex and has the ability to pick up on basic emotions and faces. This comes after another robot called Sara was introduced to the Kingdom as the very first performing robot who can speak in local Saudi dialect.

The circulating sentiment wasn’t only that of fear as many employees did see the positive aspects that robotization brings to them. On the whole, what can be gleaned from the current circumstance is that the field of AI has been growing at an exponential rate and seemingly will only continue to grow in the near future.

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