Ahmed Malek’s Movie “The Furnace” Makes it Onto the Venice Film Festival Screen

By Malak Khaled

The Australian film “The Furnace” featuring the Egyptian actor, Ahmed Malek is premiering on the big screen at The 77th Venice Film Festival. The film is an adventure-drama written and directed by Roderick MacKay, telling the tale of an Afghan cameleer named ‘Hanif’ who got involved with a mysterious bushman named ‘Mal’, on the run for stealing a golden crown. The movie is said to focus and highlight a marginalized phase of Australian history in the 1890s.

This marks Malek’s first international movie to take part in the Venice Film Festival which is a pretty huge step in the young actor’s career.

This isn’t going to be Malek’s only international film as he has been chosen to play a protagonist named ‘Basil’ in the Canadian movie “Montreal Girls”, directed by Patricia Chica. She chose Malek to be in the movie after what is said to be a year of trying to find the perfect actor for the role.

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