Ahmed Malek Takes Part in Cairo Contemporary Dance Center Festival

Just in time for an annual Ahmed Malek Ramadan hit, the young Egyptian actor is bringing us something completely fresh to his acting game.

The third edition of Cairo Contemporary Dance Center’s dance festival started on the 13th of April at The French Institute, and the last day is scheduled on April 15th.

The actor excitedly took to social media to announce his participation in the CCDC/MAAT contemporary art event, describing it as a life-long dream and his first live stage performance. It is a first come, first seated event, so make sure you’re there at 7 PM sharp.

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• عروض الدورة الثالثة من منصة معت|مدرسة الرقص المعاصر على مسرح المعهد الفرنسي بالمنيرة، من 13 وحتى 15 إبريل: • "نفق 2: تحت الإنشاء" لأمينة أبوالغار وحنين طارق "فراشات مضطربة" لإسلام النبيشي "تفاقم" لندى نادر "ذاك ذاك اليوم" لكارول عقاد و أحمد مالك • يتبع العروض نقاش مابين الجمهور وصناع العروض. يرجى الحضور في تمام السابعة، تبدأ العروض في تمام السابعة والنصف مساءًأ، الدخول مجانًا وبأسبقية الحضور. • The performances of the 3rd edition of MAAT|CCDC Contemporary Dance School Platform at the French Institute – Mounira, from April 13 to April 15: • "Nafaq 2: Under Construction" by Amina Abouelghar and Hanin Tarek. "Troubled Butterflies" by Islam Elnebishy. "Aggravation" by Nada Nader. "On this this day" by Carol Ackad and Ahmed Malek. • There will be a Q&A at the end of the performances. Make sure to arrive at 7:00 PM, the performances start at 7:30 PM. Free entry, first-come, first-seated. • Video by: LenStart Productions • @if_officiel @lenstartproductions @aminaabuelghar @hanintarek @nadahnader @carolackad @jrmalek • #شجع_مدرستنا #dance #dancerlife #dancer #contemporary #contemporarydance #Festival #performance #performingarts #student #studentlife #theater #film

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The festival platform includes Nafaq 2: Under Construction by Amina Abouelghar and Hanin Tarek, Troubled Butterflies by Islam Elnebishy, Aggravation by Nada Nader, and On this day by Carol Ackad and Ahmed Malek. At the end of each performance, there will be time for some Q&As.




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