Ahmed Malek Gets Googled: The Unusual Story Behind His Role in ‘The Furnace’

Via Instagram

One star that has gone from the category of very promising talent to an international level actor real quick is the Egyptian young artist Ahmed Malek. He’s been making headlines on local, regional, and international levels for all the right reasons, especially after he nailed his latest role in the Australian movie The Furnace. As the movie was screened at the fourth edition of El Gouna Film Festival, he was, by all means, the man of the hour throughout the biggest event of the year!

In a very fun and lighthearted chitchat with the talented writer, actor, and host Ahmed Hosny, Ahmed Malek tackled a lot of fun things that all his fans would love to hear and know about. They talked about how he was like in school, his favorite roles, his take on several of his characters, and much more in the exciting live interview.

One of the funniest things that happened during the conversation, however, was when Ahmed Malek talked about how he got the role for The Furnace. He said that the director was simply Googling “Middle Eastern Actors” and one of his videos popped out! Even though the luck might have helped the rising star, there is no doubt that how talented he was is what nailed him the role in the end! Check out the chitchat as it has a lot of other fun stories to get to know more about one of your favorite stars.

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