Ahmed Magdy and Noha Khattab Look Stunning In Wedding Photoshoot!

Egyptian Actor and the ultimate heartthrob, Ahmed Magdy, left everyone’s jaw dropped on the floor after getting married out of nowhere. We had no idea there was a special lady in his life, and we can’t help but fall in love with his wife too.

Photographer Lamis Magdy released the couple’s photoshoot and it’s effortlessly elegant and stunning. The actor’s suit was designed by Kojak Studios. This is not the first time Magdy shows his love for the designer. Remember that plaided pajama style suit that went viral during Mawlana movie’s premiere. Well, that was another Kojak Studio major moment.

But enough with the suit, it’s time to talk, non-stop, about that masterpiece wedding gown, another Kojak Studio creation. This is the perfect summer boho-chic look. We are beyond obsessed with this dress that goes against every single bridal gown Egyptian women go for. The bride, Noha Khattab, is basically our wedding goals.

WE SAID THIS: Congrats to the stunning couple.