Ahmed El Sakka and Razan Maghraby Might Just Be Hosting THE Coolest TV Show This Ramadan!

The Ramadan television marathon has officially begun! There is an endless list of options one can watch during the holy month, whether series or TV shows. As the competition between series is fierce, it is, by all means, just as intense when it comes to TV Shows.

One show that everyone is placing their bets on is “Eghleb El Sakka”, hosted by the famous Lebanese Singer, Actress, and TV Presenter Razan Maghrabi. The show features a number of competitions between some of the most popular celebrities in the Arab World with the one and only Ahmed El Sakka.

The two acted together before in “Harb Italia”, and it’s now time to recall this chemistry in the promising new TV show. After the teaser, which includes Heneidy’s episode with Sakka, people are much more excited to follow the show; the two together are considered living legends who led together and each on his own on some of the biggest blockbusters in the history of Egyptian and Arabic Cinema!

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