After Raising $11 Million for Refugees, Abo Flah, the Kuwaiti YouTuber Gets Inducted into the Guinness World Record

A YouTuber’s career is full of ups and downs. With a constant search for the next big thing or grand gesture, the viewer can sometimes wonder whether these videos are genuine use of fame and fortune to help a cause in need, or a stunt to garner more followers. However, the former mentioned is what applies to AboFlah. The Kuwaiti YouTuber did one of the biggest charity events in the GCC region and the accomplishment is hard to ignore.

The YouTuber

The 22-years-old YouTuber started his career back in 2016, doing light-hearted youtube vlogs, streams, and other fun stuff. 

For his relatively short time on the platform, he gained over 22 million subscribers, almost 100 thousand followers on Twitter, and almost 7 million followers on Instagram.

The numbers said it all; he is loved by many, not just for his amusing personality on the web, but also for his kind heart and initiative go-getter attitude when it comes to helping people in need.

The Event 

On Jan. 7, AboFlah uploaded a video to his channel announcing the start of the live stream donation event “The Most Beautiful Winter” fundraiser. In the video, he detailed that the event is in coordination with Mohammed ben Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiative, the UNHCR World Organization, and the Food Bank Regional Network.

The aim was to provide “warmth” with all its aspects this winter to 100 thousand families, mostly refugees in the region but for all those who are in need.  

The event took place in a special glass enclosure made especially for the event. Where AboFlah stayed there for however long it took to reach the target number which was $10 million.

It’s worth mentioning that this is his third charity donation livestream in the short span of 4 months.

The outcome

With over 7 million views on the announcement video, things were looking good as a start. Then after 11 days in the glass enclosure, AboFlah and the good of many people who watched the stream exceeded the expected number and the donations reached $11 million. The donations came from many GCC region business moguls and charities, which was such an uplifting moment for the whole MENA region, witnessing the biggest good deed done collectively. The event garnered the young Youtuber a spot on the Guinness world record for the most views for a charity donation livestream. 

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