Africans in Europe Protest the Libyan Slave Trade

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Protests took place across Europe as thousands of demonstrators assembled in Stockholm holding signs that read, “Stop Slavery Now” and “Human Rights For All.”


The demonstrations festered throughout Brussels; however, protesters were detained as they marched through the city. Another gathering took place in Berlin as African communities joined forces outside the Libyan embassy, insisting that authorities intervene and abolish the awful crimes against migrants.


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In Tripoli, migrants are being sold into slavery, for as low as US$400, to perform excruciating labor. It was also reported that migrants are priced based on their physical capabilities. Countless are left mentally and physically broken, due to coerced slavery, the report continues to state.


“To stop this situation from continuing, Germany, England and the EU have to intervene and stop financing these criminals in Libya,” one Ethiopian demonstrator, Gizaw, told PressTV. While officials attempt to deny prior knowledge, social activists backfire at them by saying that they have revealed the condition multiple times.


According to Amnesty International’s West African Director Aliourne Tine, all instances of hostage-taking, violence, torture and rape in Libya have been well documented. “We’ve been talking about slavery for a long time,” he said.



However, CNN exposed hidden footage of a group of young Africans being auctioned at a market near Tripoli, and it came as a shocker to the international community. In response to that, the Libyan Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Metig said in a Facebook post that the government, with assistance from the UN, would inspect all “slave market” accusations.



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