AED 30K is the License Cost that UAE Influencers Need to Pay to Promote For Brands!

Via Redleaf Communications

Two months ago we reported that social media influencers who make money from promoting brands and businesses will need to secure a media license under new regulations issued by the Emirati government. More information has now arisen about the new law, and what everyone agrees on is that it is indeed going to be costly.

Via thesocialmediamonthly

According to the National, influencers must have a trade license before they can apply for the special e-media license, according to the draft law and it is that e-media license which will enable them to post content that advertises or endorses brands on social media.

The law is already enforced, but influencers still have until the first week of June to apply for the license. Those who do not follow the law might have their blogs or accounts shut down, besides fines that are up to AED 5k.

The cost of the licenses sparked many debates and controversies, as even though some social media influencers charge brands thousands of dollars for promotions, others do not earn as much. Thus, the license wouldn’t make financial sense for micro-influencers and might limit the industry to only the big ones who can afford it.

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