Admins of Egyptian Facebook Group “تحت الارض – Underground” Under Arrest

تحت الارض – Underground


For the past few days, Egypt’s social media has been nothing but memes about a new Facebook page called “تحت الارض – Underground.” The page is supposed to be a place where all Satanists can gather and perform rituals. It is very clear that the page is nothing but a joke, adding photos and videos from Google of tattooed, pierced and ’emo’ people, calling them servants.



Check out some of the ridiculousness that takes place on that page:




The page went viral, and with that, trouble followed the admins. Underground has been linked to the church bombings that took place on Palm Sunday. Wael ElIbrashy even claimed that the page is run by ISIS, and just like that, a joke of a page turned into a political nightmare.


Facebook page “Gareedet ElShoorta” (Police Journal) just announced the name of three admins who have been arrested in Cairo and Alexandria. The page pleads us to pray for those who are under arrest because they will need it. Ouch! Guess that is scarier than a tattooed so-called satanic.


Via Gareedet ElShoorta



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