Adidas Launches Line of Thobes After Major Boycott: How Has The World Reacted?

From Stan Smith sneakers to Samba shoes, when you think of Adidas, these popular styles likely come to mind. However, what wouldn’t typically come to mind are the lengthy thobes worn by men in the Arab world for prayer or daily wear.

The thing is, because of artist Émile-Samory Fofana, Adidas thobes are now a thing.

Bringing forward an unexpected collaboration, the French-Malian multidisciplinary artist, renowned for his unique juxtaposed photography of football shirts worn by locals in the streets of Mali, Senegal, and Guinea, took to Instagram to announce his partnership with the German athletic apparel and footwear brand.

For an entire year, the two collaborated together to bring a new vision to life, Adidas Thobes. These thobes feature the Adidas logo on the chest coupled with the brand’s iconic three lines on the side.

What Does The World Think?

Such an act was not celebrated but rather attacked by many on social media. One Instagram user, in particular, delivered a biting remark, “Genocide supporters! Nice try to get more money and get to the Muslim market… Ridiculous. Have no shame,” while others ridiculed the concept itself, “Oh thanks, now I can play football in 47°C.”

The main reason for the attacks is that Adidas is one of the many brands on the boycott list, mainly because of its sponsorship and production of uniforms for the Israeli national team.

The French artist himself has a very different take on the new line. So far, he has described it as the world’s first “functional football thobe” that will allow prospective wearers to feel “as comfortable on the pitch as on a prayer mat.”

The first batch of these special thobes will be reserved for the artist’s family and friends, but Samory Fofana made it clear that anyone interested in buying one should send him a message on Instagram.

Seeing the major backlash against the new line, how many buyers do you think will line up for the brand’s latest creation?

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