Activists Storm Cop 28 Calling For Ceasefire

The climate summit has set off in a critical timing this year with atrocities and humanitarian crisis escalating in the Gaza Strip as a result of the disproportionate Israel response following the October 7 attack. With everyone focused on the current genocide in Gaza, people took it as an opportunity to speak about Palestine amid COP28, currently being held in Dubai.

Several activists took the panel as a chance to speak up about international law violations happening in Gaza. First it was a video on social media of hundreds of activists in a room chanting “Free free, Palestine and From the river to the Sea.” Then several activists interviewed by the media voiced their anger. One of the activists Dylan Hamilton who showed up wearing the keffiyeh, said, “You don’t need a connection to Palestine to know that this is wrong and that the murder of 20,000 civilians is wrong.”

Asad Rehman, the spokesperson of the Climate Justice Coalition stated that “The voices who say that we should not be talking about Palestine, those are the same voices who said ten years ago that we should not talk about justice.” Most notably, on Friday, November, 1st, the Iranian delegation walked out of the event over the participation of the Zionist regime. According to Iranian news outlets, the delegation left because it thought the participation of Zionist Israel was in contradiction to the conference objectives.

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