Abou Trika Listed on Egypt’s Terror List and Fans React

Via Football News


Just when Egyptians thought last night’s football match is the only disappointment they will be subjected to, the country had a new surprise for them. Mohamed Abou Trika, former international football player, was just added to Egypt’s terror list due to his alleged links to the banned Muslim Brotherhood organization.


Egypt’s favorite football player has publicly supported former president and leader of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood organization Mohamed Morsi. Needless to say, the unfolded events that led to the arrest of Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters, and a complete military takeover were not on Abou Trika’s favor.



News broke out today that the football star was added on Egypt’s terror list and fans sadly reacted:



Gamal here explains how much he loves the football star and how his name just brings joy to him. He ends his post with, “I love you terrorist.”




The post here reads: Say he’s a terrorist all you want, we will always love him and he’s always going to be in our hearts.




Lamis here asks: Abou Trika is the biggest football player in Egyptian history, how can we turn him into a terrorist?



Via Mohamed Attia


The star Mohamed Attia adds that Abou Trika is better than the everyone that’s currently in the Egyptian government at the moment.



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