Abolish Kafala: The Petition Seeking to End a System of Slavery in Lebanon

Since the latest protests that are taking place in the United States, followed by protests across the world, as a result of the killing of George Floyd, Lebanon has been very vocal about a subject that has been going on for years; abolishing the kafala system! The Kafala System contracts give little to no rights to migrant workers in Lebanon, and the little is often breached since the Kafala renders them totally subservient to their employers.

The Girl Up campaign in Lebanon, backed by the UN, launched a petition asking the Lebanese government to end the Kafala system, and it already garnered more than 25,000 signatures! Even though it’s not the case with all Lebanese employers, there is no doubt that the system of Kafala secured severely abusive incidents especially when some employers don’t acknowledge the basics of human rights and values.

Lebanon has seen a lot of incidents of abuse and oppression for the house workers that are vulnerable and unprotected from the Kafala system. Now more than ever, Lebanese activists are calling to end this inhumane system and it’s everyone’s duty to spread the word, raise awareness, and take action in this situation!

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