A Young Man Took His Own Life Yesterday Jumping Off the Cairo Tower, When Will We Address The Issue of Suicide in the Region?

Yesterday, a young man took his own life by jumping off the Cairo Tower. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that such an incident takes place; for the past few years, the suicide rate in Egypt has seen a remarkable increase, with minimal interference from both the public and the private sector.

Major General Nabil Selim, director of criminal investigations in Cairo, was notified yesterday of the death of a graduate student from the Faculty of Engineering at Helwan University. The security services of the Directorate of Security Cairo immediately moved to the scene of the incident, and a team was formed to examine the incident; the findings are currently being presented to the prosecution for investigation.

A source explained that the young man took the decision to commit suicide because of a psychological crisis. In Arab society, especially in Egypt, raising awareness on the issue of suicide has never been one of our strengths.

What should we do next? Every day we hear a different story but with the same outcomes, whether jumping off a tower, bridge, or even onto a railway, hearts will be broken eventually.

Suicide is a subject that many don’t take seriously or even acknowledge. However, how are we supposed to address one of the leading causes of death worldwide? This is why we need to become more informed and broaden our understanding regarding this issue. We should also do our very best to offer people the help they need in their darkest moments, and the best way to start is to talk about important issues like this more, raise awareness and be understanding of one another’s struggles.

WE SAID THIS: May his soul rest in peace.