A trial Set This Thursday Following The Man Who Killed His Daughter’s Fiancé in 2018

Choked and buried alive, a young man’s body was buried under an apartment floor in Rehab city, the 2018 Egyptian streets were overwhelmed due to the heinous crime.

The initial investigation led to various theories, trying to locate the reason behind the crime. One of which was a case of honor killing. But with further investigations, different motives surfaced.

During the investigations, the crime scene and forensic evidence showcased a link to the father’s girl, A. H., as the main suspect, whose daughter was, supposedly, engaged to the young victim.

Daughter’s Fiancé
The Father-In-Law
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The father was renting out the apartment in Rehab where the body was found. He also owns a few apartments in the New Cairo district.

According to local news reports, the father of the girl had several criminal charges against him, had evaded imprisonment and had six fake identity card. He decided to murder his daughter’s fiancé on the basis that the young man knew too many of his secrets.

Probably figuring out more and more of the girl’s father hidden secrets which provoked a spark that turned into heinous violence led to a murder crime.

Other local news reported that the father used his daughter to lure the victim into the apartment and attacked him from behind while the daughter helped with the rest of the crime.

After two years of arresting the killer, his trial is decided to take place on the 13th. The Egyptian masses are on their tiptoes, waiting to hear the sentence that the killer deserves.

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