A Throwback: Nuggets Of Humor From The Hilarious Egyptian TV Program Nafsana

In the past, Egypt’s TV screens were plastered with some of the most random and hilarious TV programs that no longer make an appearance. One such show is called Nafsana.

It brings together Egyptian actresses Entesar, Heidy Karam, Shaimaa Saif, and Badria Tolba, who sit and dive into the ins and outs, randomness, and hilarity of being a woman and a wife in Egyptian society. They also dabble in Egyptian society itself and even men.

Over the years, their show accumulated some hilarious, memorable moments, and we are here to turn back the wheel and relive them once again.

Buy One, Cheat One: Businessmen’s Free Ticket Scandal

The show isn’t just about conversations between women; it is sprinkled with fun and creative segments that give you a real look at the randomness of daily life.

One such segment is known as “Social Media,” and it is all about looking at the most hilarious and random social posts on the internet. The girls stumbled upon one particular post that left little to the imagination.

An airline offered business class travelers a free ticket alongside their own booking. Later, the airline called the wives of these businessmen to ask about their experience on the flight, only to find the women saying they had never traveled on any such flight.

Yep, that only means one thing: those very businessmen picked their mistresses over their wives. Let’s just say the girls weren’t surprised by this reveal.

Most Famous Little White Lies By Women

Beyond social media posts, the girls like to dive into some very entertaining topics, one of which was an entire segment devoted to unraveling the most famous little white lies told by Egyptian women. Shaimaa took the lead with this segment and started spewing lie after lie after lie.

You will relate to some of these. There’s the “5 mins and I’ll be ready” lie, which we think isn’t merely Egyptian but global. What is even more hilarious is how people actually believe the lie. Yeah, we’re sure you were one of those people.

Then, probably one of the most popular and hilarious lies out there is when a woman is clearly upset, frowning, and barely smiling all day and then says she is fine when asked if something is wrong.

This happens even when her husband asks her multiple times. But get this: the moment he stops asking her if she is okay, her hands clench into fists, and an inner Hulk gets activated. We have to give it to you, husbands: marriage isn’t easy.

Things Women Want Men To Understand

You know all those videos that say men and women function using different brains, that it sometimes feels like they come from different dimensions? Well, that is sort of true, and it leads to some hilarious moments between wedded couples.

In the special segment “Things Women Want Men To Understand,” the girls kick off with one particular thing many Egyptian men say to their wives that makes their blood run crazy. Husbands out there, we warn you, never say this to your wife. It is a big no.

Many husbands tell their wives, “Why don’t you cook like my mom?” or “You know, mom does this recipe with….” Look, husbands, wives don’t like to be compared to your mother. It hurts their feelings, so don’t compare them to your mother. Trust us, don’t.

Badriya Not Understanding Ripped Jeans, At All

You know when you devour a chicken and eat all its parts and then get to the thighs, which in Egypt we like to call “weraq?” Well, in the show, Badriya makes a hilarious reference to “weraq.”

She goes on a rant about men wearing ripped jeans and how everything is exposed and out there, with her biggest concern being the men’s “weraq.”

Saying it like that really takes the cake. She goes even further by asking, “Why do I have to see the hairs sprouting out of your ‘weraq’?”. She then started shaking her head left and right once she learned there were even jeans ripped from the back.

Entesar’s Rant About Patients Who Come Last Minute

You know those kinds of people who keep pushing visiting the doctor to the very last minute? It turns out there are many like this, and Entesar is not having it. That’s when she goes on a crazy rant about them and even recreates how they’d enter the hospital.

Wailing and wailing and wailing, the patient would literally be taking their last breath and stumbling through the hospital. It is a thing and unfortunately, it can be hilarious despite it also being extremely serious.

Taking a trip down memory lane and visiting all these moments, we want to know, did you get any flashbacks of nostalgia or memories with friends and family while watching the show? It is true that tapping into our senses does bring back a flash of good old memories.

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