Survey Concludes That Working From Home Might Be The Future

The pandemic introduced some positive concepts to us, and working from home is one of them. A report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development stated that working from home has a good impact on the performance and wellbeing of employees and managers. According to a survey done in 25 countries, it seems like people might not be going back to the office. There are many reasons why, and we got a few of them to show you why working from home is actually beneficial.

The benefits of working from home

Work-Life balance: Having control over your schedule makes it easier to manage your time. With no time wasted and a flexible schedule, you can take care of your personal life and daily chores. This results in an overall happier and healthier life where every aspect is under control.

Saving money: There’s usually so much money spent on commuting to work, buying takeout, and don’t forget the clothes you buy to wear to work. All those expenses can be saved when you work from home. However, it’s not just the employees that save money. The employer saves the money spent on office rent, maintenance and so on and so forth.

Less time wasted in commuting: There’s so much time wasted on the road to go to work or go home after. Studies have shown that more than an hour of commuting a day has significant health risks, including an increased risk of depression and anxiety, lower sleep quality and much more.

Designing your own office: This perk has physical advantages because you get to buy your own chair and desk, so you can do whatever is more comfortable for you. If you even want a change of scenery and wanna work somewhere else, you can.

Higher productivity and performance: At the comfort of your home, it’s quiet. With no office politics, interruptions or face-to-face meetings, you can work peacefully and be way more productive and focused on producing high-quality work.

Employees working from home have the freedom to choose how to spend their time and in which environment. It creates the necessary circumstances to make healthy life choices. Nonetheless, just like going to the office daily contributes to employees’ burnout, working from home every day could too. Too much of anything can be harmful. The survey entails that the best balance is to work from home for two-to-three days a week.

Now, digitally prepared countries might be making working from home a regular. Who knows.. maybe your country is next?

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