A Series of Small Earthquakes Shook Egypt Recently and Here’s What You Need to Know

A minor earthquake shook Egypt’s Giza Governorate yesterday with a 2.54 magnitude and a depth of 8.48 km. If you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, major earthquakes can be very dangerous and can have deadly effects on cities. Did you know that each year over a million earthquakes take place in different parts of the world? We don’t feel them because they’re usually very minor, but that doesn’t mean they don’t occur.

Over the past few months, Egypt has witnessed a surprising number of minor earthquakes, mainly around the Red Sea and South Sinai, as well as along the Mediterranean coast, specifically in Mersa Matruh where the highest magnitude was 3.66 MI.

Via Earthquakes

The Middle East is one of the few regions on Earth that rarely experience major earthquake activities, however, the history of earthquake occurrences in the Middle East has still taken a heavy toll and damages many lives. The most recent disastrous earthquakes in our region are the 1982 Dhamar earthquake in Yemen and the 1992 earthquake that hit Cairo.

Both incidents have emphasized the importance of careful evaluation and documentation of the earthquake hazards in the Middle East, to always be prepared for any activity, and finally, avoid the vulnerability of structures for a more effective response to any earthquake threat.

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