A Scoop of Mosalsalat: From ‘El-Brens’ to ‘Al-Ikhtiyar’, Here Are Our Fav Characters From the 2020 Ramadan Race so Far

In recent years, social media has become one of the main tools to find out which Ramadan series are doing well, and which ones aren’t. Similarly, it became a platform where people either strongly praise an actor’s talent, or heavily criticize his or her lack of acting skills.

This year, there were several roles that stood out in the Ramadan race, either for impersonating the character they’re playing really well, or making us hate them because of the role they’re playing, and sometimes, making us sympathize with them as the story unfolds. Many of these characters were trending the past few days, through comics and memes, on social media, and it’s easy to see why.

Here’s a list of our favorite characters this Ramadan!

Rogena in “El-Brens”

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She’s a drug dealer, she flirts with her husband’s brother, and she’s the true definition of an evil woman, yet, we still love her! Her sense of humor and unexpected comments made us like her so much that we find ourselves waiting impatiently for her scenes.

Sherif El Desouky in “B 100 Wesh”

Seba’ey, or Saba’ba’, as his teammates in the series like to call him, is our favorite character in the whole series. We wait for him to appear on screen because we know he’s going to make us laugh. Both Nelly Karim and Asser Yassin, the lead stars of “B 100 Wesh”, congratulated him on Twitter and applauded his performance. Although some of us are seeing him for the first time on TV, Sherif El Desouky previously starred in the film “Leil Khargy” (Exterior/Night).

Adam Wahdan in “Le’bet El-Nesyan”

Adam Wahdan can certainly win the title of the cutest and most talented little boy in Ramadan 2020. Adam, who plays the role of Yehya, Dina El-Sherbiny’s six-year-old son in “Le’bet El-Nesyan” is a young talent that we’re super proud of; his face is extremely expressive and his talent is impressive for such a young age.

Ahmed Elawady in “Al-Ikhtiyar”

Playing the role of the terrorist Hisham Ashmawy in “Al-Ikhtiyar”, the audience hated him from the very first episode, which is enough to say that he’s been playing the role really well. There have been so many memes on how, once Ramadan is over he should be in hiding; people seem to be taking the character a bit too seriously!

Ayten Amer in “Forsa Tanya”

Ayten Amer, who plays the role of Reham, is simply obsessed with her husband. The character provoked the female audience of the series, who made fun of her through their memes, accusing her of having no dignity and clinging to a man who no longer wants her. The renowned TV host, Radwa El-Sherbiny, known for defending girls and constantly asking them to let go of toxic relationships, posted a sarcastic video asking “Reham”, the character that Ayten Amer is playing, to come to her senses and realize her worth.

Khaled Anwar in “Kheyanet ‘Ahd”

Khaled Anwar, who plays the role of Youssra’s only son, Hisham, in the series, did a great job at impersonating a young college student who is driven to drug abuse. Although this isn’t the first series for Khaled Anwar, his behavior and dynamic with his mom, as well as his facial reactions, will definitely make this role a turning point in his career.

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