A Scoop of Hope: Meet Tara, the Adorable Egyptian 4-Month-Old Celebrating a Full COVID Recovery

On today’s #AScoopOfHope we have a beautiful story that’s sure to make you smile and give you hope. A four-month-old baby has been released from a hospital in Dubai after recovering from the coronavirus.

Tara, a four-month-old Egyptian girl, showed symptoms of COVID-19 in the third week of April and was rushed to the hospital after her fifteen-year-old brother tested positive for the virus. Both of them had been coughing and had a slight fever, and were admitted to Al Zahra Hospital in Dubai.

“It was a frightening experience to have a child infected with COVID-19 but the hospital staff put us at ease and supported us,” said Tara’s mother. Both Tara’s parents and her three-year-old brother were found to be free of the virus.

“The baby came in with mild symptoms and remained in stable condition throughout her stay in the hospital,” said Dr. Yasser El Nakhlawi.

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