A Round Up Of TikTokers Converting To Islam In The Wake Of The Gaza Genocide, But Why Now?

Along with the blatant violence and mass destruction occurring in Palestine, there was and continues to be a strong show of faith, patience and perseverance among the Palestinian people. The biggest uniting force among them is the adamant persistence to remain on Palestinian soil even if it means losing their lives and homes and that very persistence is fueled by their faith. So far, the Palestinian faith has inspired people globally and even acted as the seed promoting many to convert to Islam.

Nefertari Moonn

Seeing the tragedies befalling Gaza, Moonn from Tampa, Florida picked up her husband’s Quran and ever since then felt something different, “I can’t explain it, but there’s a peace that comes with reading the Qur’an,” she said. From there, she ended up taking the shahada and becoming a Muslim revert.

Abby Hafez

One of the many TikTok users who converted include Abby Hafez, a Dubai-based wife and mother who has been posting on TikTok her journey with Islam. Seeing her journey is very heartwarming as she shares how reading 10 pages of the Quran brought her more peace than 25 years of being raised a Christian or how the first time she prayed, she couldn’t stop crying.


Known by her TikTok handle @localstreetcat92, Alex was already curious about the Muslim faith and was constantly speaking up about Palestine but what sparked her curiosity further was seeing content creator Megan Rice reading the Quran and converting to Islam. From there, Alex not only read the Quran, but she began going to her local Islamic cultural center and began Islam 101 classes. She then ended up converting to Islam.

Madison Reeves

Since September, Reeves, a mom from Tampa, Florida was already interested in Islam because of speaking with a Muslim girl on a language app. The outbreak of violence in Gaza on further fueled her interest and led the army vet to later share a video of her herself wearing the hijab and celebrating her new faith.

All these women showcase the power of the Palestinian faith in changing the narrative and the hearts and minds of the global community.

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