A Round-Up Of The Arab Films Set To Screen At Cannes’ 75th Edition

Arabs are creating a buzz all-around at this year’s edition of the Cannes Film Festival, taking place between May 17 and May 28. From Arab members on the jury to Arab films competing for the Palme D’or, we are as excited as you to see what’s in store for us this year. Just in time for the most anticipated film festival, we brought to you a list of the Arab featured films in the latest edition.

Boy From Heaven

Created by director Tarik Saleh, ‘Boy from Heaven’ is a thriller that follows a prestigious university professor and Imam who drops dead on his first day back from the summer break. The film portrays the ruthless power struggle to replace. The film is part of the Cannes Film Festival 2022 official selection, competing for the prestigious Palme d’Or award.


Directed by Youssef Chebbi from Tunisia, the film is set in the Gardens of Carthage, a district in Tunisia where construction stopped at the beginning of the Revolution. Two cops, Fatma and Batal find a body in the abandoned construction site and investigate the matter. Against the police’s jurisdiction that it’s a suicide, the cops suspect it’s a murder. Their suspicions are confirmed when another body of a teenager is found in wastelands.


Lotfy Nathan’s masterpiece is set in Tunisia. Harka follows the story of a young boy named Ali who loses his father. Ali is barely able to make a living selling contraband gas and suddenly finds himself responsible for his two sisters amidst his father’s passing.

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Mediterranean Fever

This film is created by the Palestinian director Maha Haj and produced by the Palestinian producer Baher Agbariya. “Mediterranean Fever” follows the story of a middle-aged man suffering from depression and hoping to become a writer. Unexpectedly, he becomes friends with his crooked neighbor, who takes him on a dark journey.

The Dam

A film set in Sudan by director Ali Cherri, marking his first feature film. “The Dam” centers around the story of a worker in a traditional brickyard by the Nile who every evening secretly builds a mysterious mud construction. Played by newcomer actor Maher El Khair.

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Under The Fig Trees

Directed by former journalist Erige Sehiri, “Under the Fig Trees” follows a group of teens working as fig pickers over the summer while feelings and love develop amongst them. The film was shot in Amazigh village in north-western Tunisia known for its figs.

Ranging from different genres and moods, these five Arab films are ones that you should add to your watchlist following their trip to Cannes.

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